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Rottweilers Love Exercise and Outdoor Activity

One of the best ways to keep your Rottweiler happy and healthy is to be sure that your dog is engaged in daily exercise and activity. The Rottweiler, a working dog by nature and history, is not happy just lazing around the house. Your Rottweiler wants and needs daily activity to keep the wonderful temperament the you desire.

Young Rottweilers need exercise for a variety of reasons. Daily exercise will help to keep your Rottweiler lean and healthy while preventing undesirable behavior such as chewing and digging. A large yard with a fence is ideal for Rottweiler puppies as they are exuberant and active dogs who love to run, jump and play. In addition to letting your puppy or young dog have amply play time, it is recommended that you walk your Rottweiler twice a day. This one-on-one time is very important to the socialization and the personal relationship your Rottweiler craves.

While adult Rottweilers will still enjoy a romp in the yard and benefit from daily walks or runs, older dogs can be kept in apartment settings because they are generally inactive when indoors. If a dog park is near by, frequent visits will help your adult Rottweiler to get needed exercise. Two long daily walks or jogs are a necessity if you plan to keep your adult Rottweiler in an apartment or condo.


Vom Flood Rottweilers
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Vom Flood Rottweilers
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